Why Choose Stelle Laser?

Why buy beauty machine from Stelle Laser?

Stelle Laser is manufacturer for diode laser, IPL, nd yag laser, RF and multifunctional beauty machines combining above 4 types handles. 
We don’t do a lot types, we only focus on these 4 types, so every type we make it best!

stelle laser factory for beauty machines

1. High Quality Spare Parts For beauty machine production:

Stelle Laser has build a long term cooperation relationship with many world brand material suppliers, such as US Coherent (now US Coherent and German Dilas are one company, the same brand. For more information, please check www.dilas.com ), UK Fristlight, France Schneider, Japan HCG Hitachi, Italy Fluidotech, China best IPL power supply Flysec and Dazhi, Germany Ebmpapst etc..

stelle laser's beauty machine usings world's famous brand spare parts

2. Strictly Quality Control System:

To make high and stable quality machines, Stelle Laser has very strict control from spare parts to worker, from assembling procedures to machine aging test. In every aspect we pursue best of the best. Only aiming at offering first-class beauty devices to worldwide clients.

stelle laser put quality in the first place

stelle laser strictly control beauty machine's quality

3. Lifetime Free After-Sales Support

Stelle Laser offers lifetime free and full after-sales support. Such support including machine installation, laser training, machine maintenance and machine repairing.

Click here to see true after sales cases from Beijing Stelle Laser.

4. Free LOGO Service

Stelle offers free logo service which including put client’s logo on machine shell or logo to machine software.

For LOGO on machine shell, there are 3 options. Client can choose from LOGO print, LOGO plastic paste and LOGO metal paste according to demand

stelle laser offers 3 types loge: LOGO print, LOGO plastic paste and LOGO metal paste

For LOGO on machine software, we will make LOGO to animation so that when turning on the machine, client’s LOGO will pop out first.

LOGO cases:

 logo on the software

5. Factory Price for Laser Beauty Machines

Stelle Laser is professional beauty machine manufacturer, products covers diode laser, IPL SHR and Q switch nd yag laser. We only focus on these 3 types, and we make every type to best. We provide best factory price for all our machines. So that our distributors can be more competitive in local market and our end-user clients can buy high and stable quality machine with affordable price.

stelle laser price list for beauty machines

Stelle Laser looking forward to cooperating with you!