Hi there, this is Lily from Stelle Laser. 4 days ago I have tried 
laser hair removal by the latestest intelligent diode laser machine. Now I'd like to share this super good experience to everyone.


The treatment is done in the lunch break so we only have 30 minutes to do everything.

The machine I use is the latestest 3rd generation intelligent diode laser machine with 3 treatment tips: 30*15mm, 15*15mm and 8mm. The tip I use is the biggest one 30*15mm treatment tip.

The treatment for both armpits takes totally 25-30 minutes. Each armpit about 13 munites and with about 500 shots. I use about 17-18J energy for the treatment.


And below Id like to share the amazing hair removal effect after only the first session:

hair removal effect of stelle laser intelligent diode laser

(Click here to see this effect video in our YouTube List) 

As you can see, even just after 1 session, 90% hairs just fall out very easily. Acutally even I dont plug it like this, it will also automatically fall out. Because the melanin in hair follicles has already been damaged.



The whole treatment is carried out by the latestest intelligent diode laser machine with 800W power. For this machine there are 800W, 1000W and 1200W for option. Here the machine I use is the 800W machine, but it already has super good effect (Click here to see more details of this machine)

stelle laser intelligent diode laser


This machine has real-time monitoring system, and it has very advanced cooling system. During the whole 25-30 minutes’ treatment, the real-time tempreture of the treatment tip is always staying at -4 or -5 degrees, so I totally didnt feel any pain during the whole process. It was very pleasant experience.

monitoring system of stelle laser intelligent diode laser


The colleague who acting as my technician doing the treatment for me is Anna. She said this handle seems has a bigger size, but actually this handle is very light. Because inside of this handle we have a special customized laser stack with much less weight and inside the handle we deleted the cone-shaped crystal. This makes the handle very light and easy to operate. See below:

stelle laser intelligent diode laser handle is very light

But as we all know the cone-shaped crystal is used to mix and focus the light together so that makes light can be more uniform and has stronger energy. Here we deleted the cone-shaped crystal but we have 3 special designed treatment tips that can play the role of the cone-shaped crytal to mix the light together make it more uniform and has stronger energy. And another very good point is, if using cone-shaped crystal inside of the machine, then when the light come out from the laser stack, it have to transfer through the crystal then delivered to treatment tip and finally to patient skin. When it transfer in the crystal actually there will be some loss in energy in the transfer. But with this lastest intelligent handle, it do not have the cone-shaped crystal inside, so it do not need to transfer in crystal and will not loss any energy. So this means, with same power of 1200W, this intelligent diode handles energy is actually higher than the traditional diode laser which has crystal inside.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Feel by Stelle Laser's Intelligent Diode Laser Machine? 

To be short, it is totally painless, very pleasant and with amazing effect even just after the first session! 

I recommend Stelle Laser's 3rd Generation Intelligent Diode Laser Machine to all beauty salons and distributors who looking for a powerful and high-tech laser hair removal machine. It is 100% unique and high-tech in the market. Click here to see the detailed handle introduction video in our YouTube List.

For this Intelligent Diode Laser, now stelle laser offers many different models for option: from portable to vertical, from 1 handle to 4 handles multifunctional platform. You can choose the one most suitable and we believe you will like it a lot! 

Stelle Laser's 1 handle 3rd Generation Intelligent Diode Laser Machine for option:

stelle laser intelligent diode laser catalogues

Stelle Laser's Multifunctional Beauty Machines combines 3rd Generation Intelligent Diode Laser Machine:

stelle laser multifunctional beauty machine with intelligent diode laser

If you need any further information, please click here to talk with me to get more detailed informations about this breakthrough intelligent diode laser with 3 treatment tips!