Stelle Laser is professional manufacturer for diode laser and diode related machines. 

We do not do a lot types, we only focus on diode laser hair removal machines, from 1 handle to 4 handles, for portable to vertical.

Such as 1 handle diode laser, 2 handles diode + IPL or diode + nd yag laser machine, 3 handles diode laser + nd yag + Elight IPL SHR, 4 handles diode laser + nd yag + Elight + RF.

Below is our diode laser machine list. As you can see, even just 1 handle diode laser we have so many different designs and handle options. In the market, there is no any one else can be as professional as us in diode laser hair removal machine.

diode laser hair removal machine list

If you want to buy a high quality good effect machine with reliable after-sales service, please feel free to contact us!